A Quick Guide On Converting Your Garage Into An ADU
| Last Updated: 09 Jul 2020
Whether you’re aiming for a good return on investment or simply meaning to add extra living space, a garage conversion is one innovative way to adorn your home.

If you have been looking for ways to boost your home’s worth, this guide might be the one for you. Through the help of emerging home remodeling companies, garage conversions have become easy and hassle-free. But before taking that step forward, you must be aware of the existing taxation laws, legal requirements, and costs you may potentially incur in the long run. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up a few things to guide you through your garage conversion project.

Get A Permit

This would be the very first step when converting your underutilized garage into an ADU. As much as we would like to transform our homes the way we want it to, seeking legal advice and complying with mandated requirements is key to achieving this project.


Set Your Goal

Since garage conversions are complex, focusing on one ultimate goal is very important. With the current ADU trend, homeowners are getting more and more torn between adding extra living space or making a profit out of it. Make sure you have only one thing in mind so you can start your project the right way.


Hire Reputable Contractors

It has been an unspoken rule when it comes to property and investment. Don’t settle for less, find a group of home remodeling experts who would make your hard-earned money well-spent. Work within a team of dedicated individuals would stick to your timeline and deliver as promised. 


Measure Your Garage

According to Modative, for them to have garage conversions work, your garage must generally be at least 17’-6” wide by 17’-6” deep on the inside. It is an important prerequisite for your next “garage turned ADU” plan. With standards like this, homeowners can know what other things to expect before jumpstarting the project.


Identify Garage Issues Beforehand

Since you are about to convert a pre-built area of your house into something new, check for any water intrusions and power lines, see if there will be major structural issues. Get your walls and foundations checked once you've made a decision or even before hiring your prospective contractors.


If conditions are right, transforming your garage into an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) can be the most cost-effective way to upgrade your property. It has been proven that converted garage ADUs provide discreet density on your block without changing your neighborhood character.


Looking to invest in ADUs? Click here to get your free quote and start your home remodeling plan today.


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