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2020 Marin County ADU Floorplan Samples
| Last Updated: 23 Oct 2020
What better way to increase your home's worth than building an ADU that'll provide continuous revenues and better aesthetics.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have revolutionized living spaces in many ways. Because of its booming industry, homeowners started building innovative, multi-function home additions that are worth every penny. As city ordinances update now and then, it is wise to keep ourselves abreast of the freshest news. Marin County has recently launched new rules and these would accommodate homeowners who are more than willing to explore their options when it comes to building their San Francisco ADU.


Though these recently released state laws made San Francisco ADU construction easier, each city may have a different rule. To get your hopes high and convince you to start your next ADU project, here are some floorplan samples we could all get inspiration from.


  • Prefab ADU


  • Converted Garage


  • Junior ADU


  • Above Garage ADU


  • Sustainable ADU


Final thoughts:

Undoubtedly, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have become an essential part of the city's real estate industry. It has created endless opportunities for homeowners and investors alike. Eano Home Renovation does the same, we aim to provide only the best remodeling services and with ADU construction in San Francisco being part of our current packages, we seek to offer projects that'll suit our client's taste, timeline, and budget. For your ADU plan inspiration, download the following PDF and discuss it further with your prospective contractor to start building your dream ADU!

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